Improve Your Sleep Cycle Today

Improve Your Sleep Cycle Today

Shop for mattresses in Lake Charles, LA

You deserve a good night’s sleep every night. Mattress World is here to help. We carry some of the best, most luxurious mattresses on the market that are affordable for any budget.

From handcrafted traditional spring mattresses to high-tech mattresses with gel cooling memory foam and pressure point relief, there’s something for everyone at Mattress World.

Visit our showroom in Lake Charles, Louisiana to test out the options for yourself.

Visit our showroom in Lake Charles, LA to test these high-quality mattress models:

  • The Tiffany – The Tiffany is a triple hybrid mattress unlike any other, made from a blend of individually pocketed coils, air-cooled Talalay latex and cool gel memory foam. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Mariella – The Mariella are handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces made with a pocketed coil system, three layers of cooling gel and a luxury pillow top. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Tiana Plush – The Tiana Plush is a luxury hybrid mattress made in the Old-World style, with top-of-the-line pocketed coil systems. They come with up-to-date chiropractic certifications, too. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Bliss Hybrid – The Bliss Hybrid is a head-split mattress that provides sleep comfort like never before. The luxury gel-infused memory foam helps you get an amazing night’s sleep. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Bordeaux Hybrid – The Bordeaux Hybrid is a high-quality mattress that offers pocket coil technology and cooling gel memory foam to help you maintain proper sleeping posture and pressure relief. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Madison 401 – The Madison 401 is a soft pillow top and offers comfort and affordability. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.
  • The Alaina EPT – The Alaina EPT is a European-style plush mattresses, crafted in the Old-World style with comfortable plush, also available in Eurpoean Pillow Top. Available in Twin XL, Queen and King.

Our mattresses offer a 10-year warranty, and delivery is avaiable upon request. Call 337-602-6249 today to speak with a mattress specialist at Mattress World about the type of mattress you’re looking for.