Get the Best Night’s Sleep of Your Life

Get the Best Night’s
Sleep of Your Life

We carry adjustable bases in
Lake Charles, LA

Wake up refreshed and ready to start your day. If you need a little extra help getting to sleep, consider an adjustable base. These high-tech and ultra cozy bases allow you to raise your upper and lower body. Mattress World carries a wide variety of adjustable bases in Lake Charles, Louisiana, including zero-gravity and built-in massage.

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At Mattress World, we're more than a mattress store, WE SPECIALIZE IN SLEEP.
Are you on the fence about an investment like this? Here are three reasons to prioritize your health and comfort:

  1. According to users, these types of bases are much more comfortable than traditional beds.
  2. An adjustable bases can help you heal after surgery or childbirth.
  3. Adjustable bases can relieve back pain and aid in breathing and circulation.

Get help with chronic pain and make your room your own personal oasis. Visit the Mattress World showroom in Lake Charles, LA today to try out an adjustable bed.