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Sleep is essential to your overall wellbeing. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your old mattress or box spring might be the culprit. Upgrade your worn-out mattress and swap out your pillows for luxurious new ones ASAP by visiting Mattress World. Call your trusted mattress store at 337-602-6249 today to speak with a mattress expert in Lake Charles, Louisiana about your needs.

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3 tips for buying the perfect mattress 🛏

Shopping for a mattress shouldn’t be a daunting chore. Mattress World makes it easy. When you shop for a mattress, keep these three tips in mind when you are at the mattress store:

  1. Know what size you’re looking for. Buying a new mattress could be a good excuse to downsize or purchase a bigger bed.
  2. Set a reasonable budget. Your mattress shouldn’t put you in debt, but you should invest in a good night’s sleep.
  3. Test them out. It’s hard to know if a mattress will be comfortable without laying down on it.

Mattress World carries 11 different types of mattresses in Lake Charles, LA, and we hold all of our products to extremely high standards. Are you ready to find your perfect mattress at a trustworthy mattress store?

Visit Mattress World in Lake Charles, Louisiana today to browse our selection.

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Rest your head on the most comfortable pillow you’ve ever owned

Mattress World isn't just a mattress store, you can buy pillows too! We carry several luxurious pillows at our store in Lake Charles, LA. Test out our silky smooth Talalay latex pillows, lavender-infused pillows and cooling gel shoulder cut pillows. We also carry a variety of adjustable bases, box springs and king sized & queen sized mattresses to improve your sleep cycle and relieve pain.

Drop by our mattress shop in Lake Charles, LA to test out our pillows and mattresses for yourself.